Our Professionally Managed Models – Customized to Each Clients’ Need


  • RFA Aggressive
  • RFA Moderately Aggressive
  • RFA Moderate
  • RFA Moderately Conservative
  • RFA Conservative

Why is this important?

Whether you’re 30 years old or nearing retirement, everyone has their own unique retirement goals. The RFA Custom Portfolio Models help simplify investing by recommending a single portfolio based on your current financial situation and specific individual needs. Employees have been using Target Date Funds (comprised 100% of proprietary funds) for many years because they were the only solution in the market. That is no longer the case and now every participant has the opportunity to have a professionally managed portfolio comprised of best available mutual funds.

Each portfolio includes a professionally selected mix of investments that corresponds to criteria developed by consultation with Reilly Financial Advisors. These portfolios are professionally managed to maintain a specific level of risk and provide the convenience of a complete retirement portfolio in a single choice. RFA’s Custom Portfolio Models can be beneficial whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out. These portfolios may be a good choice if you simply don’t have the time, or don’t feel you have the financial expertise or interest to make ongoing investment and asset allocation decisions.



  • Fiduciary/Compliance

    • 3(38) & 3(21) Fiduciary providing the ability to add the highest level of fiduciary support
    • Investment selection services for plan participants
    • Preparation of annual plan document outlining Fiduciary duties
    • Plan investment benchmarking reports for ERISA compliance
    • Fully disclosed fees with no hidden charges
  • Investment Advice

    • Selection of investment lineup
      • Utilization of the most cost-effective share class investments available
    • Five professionally managed portfolios
      • Adhere to traditional asset allocation principles
      • Range from defensive to aggressive in nature
    • Constant monitoring of fund lineup and managed portfolio holdings
    • Ability to incorporate Self Directed Brokerage Accounts
    • Automated rebalancing
  • Service

    • On-site enrollment & education
    • Individual employee meetings
    • Dedicated point of contact for Plan Sponsor
    • In-depth general education, including participation weighting for testing purposes