Our Professionally Managed Models Are Customized to
Each Client’s Unique Needs

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RFA Conservative

Whether your employees are closer to age 30 or nearing retirement, everyone has their own unique retirement goals. RFA’s Custom Portfolio Models help simplify investing by recommending a single portfolio based on each participant’s current financial situation and specific individual needs. 

Employees had been using target-date funds (composed of 100% proprietary funds) for many years because they were the only solution in the market—but that’s no longer the case! Now, every participant has the opportunity to have a professionally managed portfolio with the highest-quality mutual funds available within a sponsor’s specified plan. 

Each portfolio includes a professionally selected mix of investments that corresponds to criteria developed by consultation with Reilly Financial Advisors. These portfolios are then professionally managed to maintain a specific level of risk and provide the convenience of a complete retirement portfolio in a single choice. 

RFA’s Custom Portfolio Models can be beneficial for experienced investors as well as those just starting out. These models may also be a good choice for participants who simply don’t have the time or interest—or feel they don’t have the financial expertise—to make ongoing investment and asset allocation decisions.